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Wearing SUNGLASSES inside a helmet poses serious risks in an impact... as illustrated in this true story.

Clear at night, tinted in the sunlight.
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WikiShift™ is a specialized photochromic process designed specifically for motorcycle shields. When riding in daylight the shield is automatically tinted, then as the sun goes down the shield gradually shifts back to clear.

Motorcyclist Magazine called photochromic shields the "wave of the future whose time has come". WikiShift™ shields achieve significant tint in bright sunlight (equivalent to typical sunglasses) and auto-adjust in cloudy conditions.

The photochromic reaction occurs when the shield is exposed to UV from the sun. No sun, no reaction… therefore the shield is clear at night, and oncoming headlights and streetlights do not activate the tint (no UV).

Lifespan depends on the amount of UV exposure. The more often you ride in sunlight the shorter the lifespan of the shield's ability to darken. With enough exposure to the sun, the shield will eventually stop darkening in sunlight. It is still useable, it simply will not darken. Therefore, keep the shield out of the sun when not in use.

Estimated Lifespan If You Ride:

Almost daily

1 year
2 years
3.5 years
5+ years

7 Problems

1. Ever get caught at night with a tinted shield?
2. Tired of carrying an extra shield for day or night riding?
3. Tired of switching between clear and tinted shields?
4. Want to eliminate the discomfort of wearing sunglasses inside your helmet?
5. Worried about the potential danger sunglasses pose to your eyes in an impact?
6. Dissatisfied with the haze of a tinted shield?
7. Think 99.7% UV protection is better than 90%?

1 Solution